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I have a degree in textile design and I worked in textiles as a colourist, designer and printer.  I printed banners for exhibitions in galleries and the museum, domestic textiles and patchwork fabrics until I took a class in book-binding with Adele Outteridge (Fibre Arts at Horsham in 2004) and decided that making books was much more interesting than printing fabric which, over the course of time, had ceased to be a challenge.

I experimented with different methods of binding, read books ~ my favourite is J. A. Szirmai’s Archaeology of Medieval Bookbinding ~ continued Coptic binding small books and now make a range of journals and sketch-books as well as the celebration books.

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I made the first celebration book for a friend and spent a long time trying to find a satisfactory way of turning the banner into a book format and it was some considerable time after the party that my very patient friend received the completed book.  I have been supplying these books at The Sunday Market in Melbourne since 2008.


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