Celebration books

A celebration book is a banner folded into a cover to make a concertina book.

The concertina can be removed from the cover and attached to a wall or window with blu-tack or stood on a table, mantelpiece or window sill.  When the guests have arrived slot the ends of the banner back into the cover.  Pass the book round with the pen so that everyone can add their good wishes to this memento of a special occasion.

Congratulations book


The decorative paper covering the book has had a coat of varnish, the hinge is reinforced with polyester mesh and the paper used in the concertina is 200 gsm Fabriano.  The letters and numbers in the book are all cut from different papers of the chosen colour to add interest and pattern.  Each book is wrapped in cellophane and comes with a Staedtler fineliner pen and instructions.